CARpediem fleet management

Our company’s main focus is on the long-term lease of cars to companies and private individuals in other European countries. More specifically, we are engaged in financial leasing according to section 1 para. 1a clause 2 no.10 German Banking Act (KWG).

Our many years of experience allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive service package for business and personal mobility.


The services of CARpediem include:

  • Purchase of your used car
  • Selection and configuration of your desired vehicle (all makes)
  • Assessing different dealer offers
  • Agreeing on lease terms (lease period, down payment, mileage, residual value, insurance coverage etc.)
  • Scheduled order and delivery of the lease vehicle, preferably to the authorised dealer near us


The advantages of long-term lease from CARpediem:

Like operating leasing, our long-term lease service is a form of financing that preserves liquidity and ensures that your fleet costs are transparent and risk-free.

All lease vehicles belong to us and are registered to our company in Germany for the duration of the long-term lease. Please let us know your desired license plate number when you sign the contract, which we are happy to reserve for you free of charge with our vehicle registration office.

We work with one of the most renowned insurance brokers in Germany to guarantee the best possible coverage. In the event of damage, we deal with all administrative matters and, if necessary, interim financing.

With the introduction of the new European Directive 2008/8/EU on 1 January 2010, the place of performance of our services will be transferred to the company abroad (B2B).

The lease costs therefore include German VAT and the net price is payable. Our business customers must pay the VAT on the agreed lease costs in the respective EU country or, depending on their sector, have the VAT deducted by your tax office.

The new European Directive which came into force on 1 January 2013 also moves the place of performance to the service recipient for our private customers (B2C). You pay the required VAT of the recipient country to our company, and we forward it to the respective EU country. Private customers are exempt from any intra-Community reporting obligations.

We and our team of tax consultants are happy to provide professional assistance to our customers